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5 Weeks pregnant: pregnancy cravings

It’s official – you’re going to be a mum. Now’s the time to find out what’s going on inside you and how your 5-week foetus is growing, one cell at a time.

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    So, you've taken a pregnancy test and it was positive. Congratulations! Time to get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. A little person is coming your way soon! It’s good to contact your GP surgery to find out when and who you need to see to start your ante-natal care. Now is also the time to start taking folic acid if you haven’t already. It helps prevent spina bifida and you will need to take it up to week 12. Read more on what to expect at 5 weeks pregnant.

    What happens at 5 weeks pregnant?

    Your baby’s heart is already beating. Even though it’s tiny, your baby at 5 weeks is now an embryonic disc with three layers of cells that will eventually form its whole body. The science is incredible. The endoderm layer will become your baby’s digestive tract, liver, pancreas and respiratory system.

    The ectoderm layer will form its nervous system as well as the skin, nails and hair. The third layer will form most of the skeletal structure, heart, urinary tract and sexual organs. In the middle is the notochord – a temporary backbone from which the central nervous system, brain and head will form.

    All that, within the same diameter as a human hair. Quite incredible, isn’t it?

    When do pregnancy cravings start?

    At 5 weeks pregnant your body is already doing amazing things to grow this little person inside you. It’s become super-efficient and is able to absorb much more of the nutrients in the food you eat. That’s why eating for two is not about eating more, it’s about eating the right things for both of you.

    Countless mums have all sorts of common and weird pregnancy cravings, from mustard sandwiches to chalk dipped in cheese. Pregnancy cravings can start at any time but are most common in the first trimester. If you have any unusual cravings, like wanting to eat dirt, talk to your midwife or doctor, as you may have a condition called pica which is caused by a lack of iron.

    There is no hard evidence to suggest pregnancy cravings are linked to nutritional need but try telling that to a ravenous, pregnant mum. Feel free to give in to the occasional pickled onion ice cream, but in general it’s a great idea to have a variety of different foods every day in your pregnancy diet so your body and pregnancy cravings get all the nutrients they need for baby growing.

    And there’s no need to give up your gym membership just yet – moderate physical exercise throughout your pregnancy helps keep you and baby fit and healthy. Just check with your GP if you’re unsure. We have some tips and advice as well as tailored pregnancy exercises to help you stay active during your pregnancy.


    What are the symptoms of 5 weeks pregnant?

    Nausea is one of the very first symptoms of pregnancy and a massive 80% of women feel a bit delicate in the early stages of pregnancy. It’s called morning sickness but it can occur anytime during the day and night. Read tips on how to manage morning sickness.

    Another week 5 pregnancy symptom is fatigue. It usually hits a few weeks in, but for some it’s earlier and could be the first sign of pregnancy. It’s down to a combination of low blood sugar levels and low blood pressure with high progesterone levels. Oh, plus the fact your body’s busy making another human.

    Can you test positive at 5 weeks pregnant?

    You’ve already taken a home pregnancy test and it’s positive. In fact, all three were. However, it’s still only week five and you’re probably still pinching yourself, so a visit to your GP can confirm the pregnancy, flag any complications, and give you a more accurate due date.

    Use our pregnancy calculator to figure out your due date.

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