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About us

At SMA® Nutrition, we’ve dedicated over 90 years of research into infant nutrition. This knowledge has helped us to create products that give your bottle-fed baby the optimum nutrition they need for healthy growth.

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SMA PRO Follow-on Milk and SMA PRO Growing Up Milk ranges

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SMA Organic Follow-on and Growing Up Milks

NEW SMA® ORGANIC Follow-on and Growing up Milk

Certified organic and backed by 100 years of leading baby nutrition research.

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Supporting parents for 20 years

Our expert team of mums are here to reassure and empower you through the early years of parenting with specialist tips, advice and guidance. And to lend you a friendly ear when you need it most.



Nursing background

“Being a new parent can be overwhelming and lonely at times, even as a nurse with lots of experience. I had all the knowledge but still had to try different things to see what would work. This background is extremely helpful now, when I'm chatting to all the mums and dads with similar issues. I am happy to help and listen. I believe parents should follow their instincts.”


Quality and safety

“I have been part of our Careline for a number of years and my knowledge and experience in the quality and safety of our products has enabled me to give parents the reassurance they need. I’m always here to help, as I still remember the nervousness of being a first time mum and wanting to get everything just right.”


Mum with experience of a premature baby and dealing with intolerance

“I have worked on the SMA Careline for 13 years. My daughter was premature at 31 weeks so I know how difficult feeding can be, and my second child developed lactose intolerance. It’s a very satisfying job when you can help a new mum feel better. I believe routine is very important and that mum always knows best.”


Midwifery background

“I have been working with the Careline team for many years and have nursing and midwifery experience. I’m able to offer advice on all aspects of feeding babies, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding and have lots of good advice for new mums. I believe that new mothers should try to rest when baby has a sleep, and to go with what you feel is right for you and your baby.”


Childcare background

“I started my working life as a childminder and believe that being here at SMA® Nutrition helping new mums is a natural progression. I understand how new mums can feel insecure, so love to chat and build their confidence. With my expertise on behavioural issues, I am very happy to help out with things like sleeping routines, fussy eating and temper tantrums.”


Quality and safety

“Working as part of the SMA Careline team, I enjoy helping parents with all their questions, sharing my knowledge and expertise built up over the years. With Maggie, quality and safety is my specialism. Having brought up two children alone, I am very empathetic to all parents having to cope on their own. I can be available to help at any time, particularly during times when healthcare professionals are not so easily accessible to parents. I understand that sometimes you just need a friendly ear to let you know you are doing fine.”


Careline lead

“I am a founding member of the Careline Team – I’ve had thousands of conversations on baby care during my time at SMA® Nutrition. I also have years of experience of being a mum. I know how reassuring it can be to hear advice and support from someone who's been there and done it. Our Careline is a bit like a family, we work together to give the best service we can – the most important job is for us to be there to listen when a parent needs it most.”

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Important advice to mothers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. SMA® Nutrition fully supports this and continued breastfeeding, along with the introduction of complementary foods as advised by your healthcare professional.


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