How do I bond with my unborn baby?

How do I bond with my unborn baby?

Tips and tricks to help strengthen the bond between you and baby

In Pregnancy

Quick points for mum

Soothe your baby by gently rubbing your bump

Introduce your baby to sounds like music and your voice

And when supporting mum

Go to the scans to share the moment with mum

Talk to the bump while rubbing mum’s tummy

It’s never too early to start bonding with your unborn baby. Here are some of the ways your baby is developing and a few tips to help you get to know each other and let dad and baby bonding begin too.

Massage and rub your bump gently

Almost from the start, your baby will pick up on how you feel. Their ears, eyes and tongue will be forming, so touch and sound are a great way to start.

  • Soothe your baby by putting your hands on your bump and giving it a gentle rub
  • Try breathing exercises or meditation to stay calm and positive. The happier and more relaxed you are, the happier and more relaxed your baby will be

Eat a wide range of healthy foods

By week 20, your baby has already developed taste buds and is learning to prefer the foods you eat.

Have a warm bath

In the second trimester, your baby will be able to hear what’s going in your body - like your heartbeat, breathing and tummy gurgles. And you’ll start feeling your baby’s movements, though they’re hard to catch at first.

  • A warm bath with candles and meditative music is a good way to relax. Breathe deeply and focus on your baby’s movements. Make sure that bath water isn’t too hot as this isn’t good for either of you

Talk to your bump

By week 29, your baby will start to respond to outside sounds such as music or voices.

  • Get your baby used to your voice now so it will be a familiar sound once they’re here, making it easy to soothe them as well as improving your attachment with each other

  • You can talk, read, and sing to your baby - you may feel self-conscious at first, but you'll soon get used to it
  • Play music that you like – whether it’s jazz or heavy metal!
Woman listening to music and bonding with unborn baby

Dad and baby bonding

Mums develop a bond without even thinking about it. But partners don’t have that physical closeness, so here’s some ways for partners to try parent and child bonding activities.

  • Ask mum when the baby moves and gently try to feel the baby for yourself
  • Talk to the baby – you may feel awkward at first but just go for it!
  • Go with mum to all antenatal classes. These are a great place to share any concerns, but more importantly, to start feeling like a parent

  • Go shopping together to pick out baby things – it’ll help you both to get excited about the arrival
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