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The wonder of breast milk


Fascinating facts about breast milk

Breast milk has some incredible super powers. Here’s just a few - they might surprise you.

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What makes breast milk so incredible?

Every drop of your breast milk contains thousands of components, making it nutritionally complete. But it’s not just nutrition, there are so many more benefits of breastfeeding.

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What are HMOs and how do they make breast milk unique?

Human Milk Oligosaccharides – they sound complicated and they are. But they make breast milk unique.

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The importance of protein in breast milk

Proteins are a vital ingredient in breast milk. Find out how they support the growth and structure of your baby’s development.

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Need support with breastfeeding?

The wonderful act of breastfeeding. It’s not always as easy as it looks in the ads. It can sometimes be stressful trying to get it right, especially in the early days. Remember you can always speak to your healthcare visitor or Midwife. And if you ever need some friendly advice from women who’ve been there, call our Careline anytime.

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