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Pregnant mother smiling while looking down at her baby bump

Beauty tips for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural and beautiful time. So, here’s a few pregnancy beauty tips to pamper yourself with.

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    Pregnancy can be wonderful, but your body is going through a lot of changes. So, it’s important to take time out to pamper yourself. Here’s a few simple and natural pregnancy beauty tips you can use to pamper yourself with.

    Pregnant mother squeezing cream on to her baby bump

    Pregnancy skin care tips

    Does your skin have a lovely glow? Lucky you. For other mums it might be drier or greasier than normal. Here are a few easy pregnancy skin care tips:

    • Aqueous creams are great for dry skin. Check with your pharmacist which product is best for you.

    • Coconut oil, shea butter or sweet almond oil are great on very dry patches.

    • Your skin is more sensitive to sun exposure during pregnancy. It can even cause brown spots to appear. Now’s the time to ramp up the sun-safety. Pop on a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Use sunblock on any exposed bits.

    • Stress can cause the hormone cortisol to be released, leading to inflammation of the skin and acne. So try to avoid any stressful situations or environments where you can.

    • A varied diet will do wonders for keeping your pregnancy skin care in check. To help you eat well, here’s our guide on what to eat when pregnant.

    • While the term ‘beauty sleep’ may not be backed by science, sleeping beautifully has its benefits. While you sleep your body delivers fluid to organs and tissues that need replenishing. While other excess fluids are removed. You also release human growth hormones while you sleep, which helps you produce collagen. This is the protein that helps make hair shiny, nails strong and skin glowing. Sleeping during pregnancy can be tricky, so follow our steps to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

    Pregnant mother rubbing cream on her baby bump

    How to avoid pregnancy stretch marks

    Although pregnancy stretch marks commonly appear in around 8 out of 10 women, there are several things you can do to help manage them.

    • Rub creams or oils on to your bump, breasts and hips every night.

    • If you prefer natural alternatives, almond or avocado oils also work wonders for those pregnancy stretch marks.

    • Get a professionally fitted, non-underwired bra that gives you the support and comfort you need.

    • Eat foods containing healthy unsaturated fats as found in oily fish, avocados, vegetable oils and nuts – as long as you’re not allergic. Eating the right amount of oily fish during pregnancy is a bit of a fine art. While it’s good to get some on your plate, you shouldn’t eat more than two portions of oily fish a week.

    • Remember you only need to eat an extra 200 calories a day in the last trimester

    Pregnant mother putting on makeup in the bathroom mirror

    Pregnancy make-up tips

    Pregnancy can make you feel like reaching for more make-up to hide the signs of tiredness or brown spots. If you choose to wear more make-up, try to avoid products that include too many chemicals. If you are concerned check with your doctor or midwife. Now, onto a few simple beauty tips to combat the symptoms without using tonnes of product:

    • Feeling puffy in the face? Use a lightweight bronzer for contours. It helps to highlight bone structure and there are some great how-to guides on Instagram and YouTube.

    • Instead of heavy foundations that go greasy as you warm up, try a light-tinted moisturiser to bring out your natural glow without drying out your vulnerable skin.

    • Suffering from a rash or random case of acne? Your skin will settle down soon enough. Until then, treat yourself to a good concealer.

    • Double duty – a cream lip-and-cheek combo can save you time and bag space. Choose one made with crushed mineral pigments which is good for your skin and the environment.

    • Buy an eyelash curler – if you don’t like mascara, it’s a quick, chemical-free beauty fix that only takes a few seconds.

    • If you like mascara, invest in a good one, free from all those pregnancy chemical no-nos. You won’t need much else.

    • A facial mist might seem like an extravagance, but it can help give you a fresh glow if you’re feeling exhausted.

    • Try out a different colour lipstick or lip tint. Change can just feel good sometimes.

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