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How to handle visitors after giving birth

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    Set some ground rules before baby arrives to manage well-wishers’ expectations

    No surprise home visits – don’t feel pressured to accommodate people


    Be selective on who you have round - no time for negative people

    If help is offered – take it. Delegate tasks you don’t have time for

    Feeling a bit overrun after the arrival of your baby? Here’s a few pointers about how to handle visitors after giving birth and avoid being an overwhelmed mum or dad!

    Setting some ground rules

    Baby visitors always mean well and are likely to be just desperate to see your new bundle of joy, and who can blame them when your little one is so gorgeous? Sometimes you might need to set a few ground rules to stop you having to answer the door every five minutes. Managing visitors after your baby is born might be a simple case of asking them to pop round at certain times or ask them to give you a few days or weeks to settle in with your new arrival. Setting some ground rules and healthy boundaries before baby arrives should mean people understand your wishes and won't be offended and will help to manage well-wishers' expectations.

    Say no to surprise baby visitors

    It’s okay to apologise and say you’re not up for a visit if people come a knocking. Ask family and friends to call first or arrange a time to pop over, that way you’ll be prepared and not overwhelmed by baby visitors wanting a cuddle (with your baby that is!)

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    Keeping it positive

    Don’t feel guilty about not welcoming visitors who might only question or criticise what you’re doing and the decisions you’re making about your new baby. You’ve got enough on your plate becoming a mum and dad in the first place without having to deal with unwanted advice and negativity.

    Accept offers of help

    Show this website to your baby visitors if they want to help! Babysitting for a few hours or even if they can run the duster around, have a tidy up or make you lunch are all great ways they can ease your burden. They’ll be happy to help you as a new mum (or dad). Don’t feel guilty, it might give you a chance to grab some sleep or do that job you’ve been putting off.

    Be prepared for unwanted parenting advice

    Everyone has a baby opinion and advice to share. Some of it might be brilliant and helpful, some of it not so much! Your parents, other mums and dads, siblings, even strangers in the street will be only too pleased to offer unwanted parenting advice. Don’t feel judged as a new parent, you’re doing it your way because it’s right for you and your baby, so don’t feel bad about telling people that! Find out more on how to deal with judging parents.

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    Smart parenting

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