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Five easy steps to becoming a confident new parent

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    Trust your intuition. The more you act on your instincts, the more your confidence will grow

    Build a solid support system


    Take time for yourself, being a parent is only part of your identity

    A confident parent is a positive role model for your baby

    Tips to help you become a more confident new parent

    Your baby’s arrived… and you’ve become a parent (gulp!) It can be a bit of a shock, and your regular routine will be all over the place. You might be feeling a bit nervous, daunted, underprepared and overwhelmed! Fear not as we’ve rounded up five handy tips on how to be a confident parent.

    Tip 1: Listen to your motherly or fatherly intuition

    Parental intuition is real… when you know what’s right, you know! Sometimes it’s about letting go of the worry and overthinking and go with what feels right. You know your baby better than anyone, so if something doesn’t seem the way it should be - act on it. If your baby is fussing or sleeping more and you’re worried get them checked out with a healthcare professional. The more you act on your instincts, the more your confidence will grow.

    Tip 2 – Build a parenting support network

    We all need a bit of help now and again (that's why you're reading our advice right?) Non-judgemental friends and family can be great allies and support for parents, helping to babysit to give you a break, offering good advice and being there when you need a laugh. There's no perfect path to parenting professionalism, but drawing in advice from trusted books and websites (did we mention these pages?) can all help boost your knowledge and confidence. If you feel more educated, you'll feel more at ease.

    Tip 3: Ignore the parenting myths

    Everyone has an opinion, especially when it comes to bringing up babies. But you know, things are different these days. We’re all dealing with different pressures and demands, so don’t listen too much and ignore those parenting myths. The perfect parent doesn’t exist; sometimes it can be fun when things don’t quite go how you planned (they rarely do with a new baby in your life!) So be realistic, take a breath and release your inner zen…. Om!

    Tip 4: Get a bit of mum or dad time

    Let’s face it you’ve been rushed off your feet since littley arrived and you are probably half-asleep reading this. A bit of self-care for mums and dads is so vital for your physical and mental health. Yes, you’re a parent, but you’re also you too. If you can, pick up that old hobby, go back to yoga or that fitness class. Be kind to yourself and control that inner monologue so you’re not berating yourself and being your own worst critic. You’re learning not failing!

    Tip 5: Be a role model for your child

    Mother holding and looking at a naked baby in the eyes

    Just as you want to be a confident parent, don’t forget that it’s your job to guide your baby into becoming a happy confident child. So be a positive role model for your baby. Enjoy playtime together without a screen. It’s great bonding time for your both, and your baby will love it. And don’t forget your baby’s more likely to eat healthy foods, and be willing to try new foods, if they see you eating them. Encouraging these healthy habits early sets the stage for your baby’s future healthy development.

    Smart parenting

    Smart parenting

    For all those parenting pressures, in the changing world of parenting.

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