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SMA® Nutrition: Our sustainability journey

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    Here at SMA® Nutrition, we believe children are time travellers; you could say they are journeying into a future as adults we’ll never see! It’s why it’s so important we do the right things now to sustain their future world.

    SMA® Nutrition was founded on the ambition to support babies’ unique needs. That’s not just about providing formulas with all the nutrients they need but also about doing our bit to protect the planet they’ll inherit from us.

    Being part of Nestlé means our size is our big advantage in making the changes to enable a global sustainability programme. It’s not just because it’s good for us as a business but because we know it’s the right thing to do for you, our customers and your babies.

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    We can change the world!

    Did you know as Nestlé; we’ve been around for 150 years? We know If we want to be here for another 150 years, we have to act sustainably.

    As a baby nutrition company, we appreciate the importance of protecting the planet that today’s babies will inherit. As a Nestlé business we are part of the Nestlé commitment to ensure our products have recyclable packaging; and we support the global effort across Nestlé to reduce the factories’ impact on the environment – for example: greenhouse gas emissions are down by over 37% (per tonne manufactured) since 2010 and total water usage is down 32% (per tonne manufactured) over the last decade.

    But we have more to do, and that’s why we are part of Nestle’s commitment to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

    How will we do it?

    We’re going to focus on 1) Responsible agriculture, 2) Responsible manufacturing, and 3) Responsible packaging.

    Milk is obviously our number one key ingredient. We source it sustainably through initiatives such as the Dairy for You Programme and the Sustainable Dairy Partnership model.

    These cover three key areas:

    • Quality – for example, we know which suppliers our milk comes from and how it’s been produced, meaning we know it’s 100% safe to use.

    • Agriculture – working with our dairy farmers supporting them to implement best practices and standards and improving animal welfare.

    • Environment – Caring for the environment now and for generations to come, we’re working towards net zero emissions, monitoring and reducing the amount of water we use and we’ll be using recyclable or reusable packaging wherever we can by 2025.

    Responsible agriculture

    In 2019, we started a two-year project in the Netherlands and Germany to help dairy farms reduce their emissions from across the farming process - including the use of feed and fertiliser, methane emissions from the cows, and energy use.

    We’re helping farmers there to make some quick-win changes. Even by using cow manure more efficiently, they could reduce unwanted emissions. We’ve also given farmers plans and programmes to help them develop long term improvements, covering the use of feed and fertiliser, methane emissions from the cows and energy use. It’s all about working closely with farmers, suppliers, and communities to source our supplies as sustainably as possible so we can change things for the better. Watch this space for the results of this project!

    So as well as farmers, Nestlé is working with our other suppliers on the net zero journey too. We are sourcing our raw materials more sustainably and looking at the value supply chain for waste management strategies, for example. And we’re going to be planting a huge number of trees – 20 million every year for the next ten years.

    Responsible manufacturing

    Water is another vital ingredient in our formula. It’s such an important resource that needs to be used and managed sustainably.

    That’s why we very carefully monitor the amount of water we use in our factories. Meters recording the water we use are placed around each site, helping us see where we need to improve.

    The meters have really helped us reduce the amount of water we use in our factories. Check out some of these stats from one of our factories!

    • Between 2010 and 2020, our factory at Boué reduced its water use by 40%.

    • Boué reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 35% in the last decade – with all its electricity coming from French hydroelectric power plants.

    • Like 78% of Nestlé’s European factories, Boué is also zero waste – meaning it sends nothing to landfill.

    Lid & Scoop sustainability logo

    Responsible packaging

    We don’t want any of our packaging to end up as litter or in landfill. So, Nestlé is committed to making 100% of its packaging recyclable by 2025.

    Did you know, and this is something we’re very proud of, almost all of SMA® Nutrition’s packaging is already recyclable!

    Our tins are made of steel that can be recycled infinitely – the same metal being used in the tins today could be used to contain our formula a generation from now.

    Our recyclable lids and scoops are also now made up of at least 66% plant-based renewable sources. That means at least 66% of the lid and 95% of the scoop are plant-based plastics. This plant-based plastic is made from sugar cane. While it’s not bio-degradable plastic or compostable, it is still widely recyclable (same as the tin!) within UK & Ireland (check your local recycling facility)


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