Leading baby nutrition research for over 100 years

SMA® Nutrition have been leading baby nutrition research for over 100 years. Our team of nutritionists have expert understanding of the evolving nutritional needs of babies as they go through an amazing period of physical growth and cognitive development - from newborn through to toddlerhood.

SMA® Nutrition is part of the largest food and nutrition research network in the world, with over 40 research and development sites. Our infant nutrition research takes place in universities, hospitals and research centres across the globe, with our infant nutrition centre of excellence based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We have a diverse team of over 800 people of 50 different nationalities who give us a range of expertise at our research site in Switzerland.

Our size and scale allow us to invest significant time, money and expertise into research, helping us to achieve our commitment to provide the latest innovations our science has to offer, with tailored solutions to support healthy growth.


Our expert team at SMA® Nutrition has been studying breastmilk for 70 years and is dedicated to understanding the complex structure of breast milk and to applying the learnings from nature to our own products. This knowledge has helped us to create products that will help give your bottle-fed baby the optimum nutrition they need.

Discover 100 years of research


We launch our Organic range of First, Follow-on, and Growing up milks.
Next-generation formulas - Our 100 years research in baby nutrition means that our formulas are leading the way in innovative research.


SMA® PRO is born – inspired by our breast milk protein research. We identified that babies get less protein from breast milk as they grow, and that it is the quality of protein they receive that is important. This is why SMA® PRO Follow-on Milk is made using our unique protein technology.


SMA® Nutrition-funded dietary research analysis published in the UK, increasing awareness of the importance of diet quality in young children. We also launch SMA® Gold Prem Pro, an alternative formula for feeding very premature babies (weighing less than 1.8kg).


Another first, we launch SMA® H.A. – a hypoallergenic infant milk designed to reduce the risk of developing eczema in babies with a family history of allergy


We launched SMA® Comfort – a milk with less lactose and partly digested proteins, designed to be easier to digest for babies with minor feeding problems, adding to our broad portfolio of special products for babies with feeding issues


We launched the first infant milk enriched with bovine alpha-lactalbumin, which is from cows’ milk but similar to the breast milk alpha-lactalbumin protein


We developed new whey technology that enables us to improve protein quality and reduce the protein content of infant formula.


We fortified SMA® Gold formula with long chain polyunsaturates omega 3 and 6 (DHA and AA), nutrients found in breast milk.


Leading the way again, we introduce the first whey-dominant, lactose-free f ormula. We also introduced a breast milk fortifier for preterm babies.


Another first – we fortify SMA® with levels of nucleotides. Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA.


To help premature babies, we launched preterm formula for hospital use.


We created a whey-dominant formula using demineralised whey. It was the first ever, created 20 years ahead of the competition. It means that minerals such as sodium, potassium, and chloride could be reduced to a level appropriate for babies.


We add vitamin E and vitamin B12 – E to help protect cell structure and maintain cell membranes, B12 for making healthy red blood cells.


We add more vitamins – niacin to help babies metabolise carbohydrates and fat, vitamin C for their immune system and vitamin D to help with their growth and the development of their bones


Carotene is added to the formula. This is a source of vitamin A for babies


SMA® arrives in the UK


Our first formula milk with a fat blend mimicking breast milk goes to clinical trial, and the early results are promising.


Paediatrician Dr Henry Gerstenberger starts his work on developing a nutritious formula milk for babies.

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Important advice to mothers

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life. SMA® Nutrition fully supports this and continued breastfeeding, along with the introduction of complementary foods as advised by your healthcare professional.