An organic lifestyle: from bump to baby

An organic lifestyle: from bump to baby

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Your baby eats what you eat - and tastes some of it too

There are lots of organic skincare options for bump and baby


What you eat when pregnant can shape the future of your baby’s diet

You can find organic products during pregnancy and once baby has arrived

Self-care is never more crucial than when you’re pregnant and carrying another little ‘self’ inside. If you’ve been thinking about living a more natural lifestyle then the prospect of a new baby might be a good excuse to find more ways to do it.


Little changes can make a big difference, a bit of research and a quick scan of the labels when you’re doing the weekly shop is all you need. If you’d prefer that you and baby eat organic then make sure the food is ‘organic certified’ – anything sold as ‘organic’ in the EU has to be certified. Look for the little EU Green Leaf symbol on the pack. While we’re on the topic of food, here are a few tips on diet during pregnancy.


Bathing a baby

Your skin absorbs a lot of what you put on it which can eventually reach the tiny human inside you, so when you’re picking up toiletries you might want to consider organic beauty products. From your head to your toes, there’s a lot to cover – like organic natural hair dye or organic nail varnish for expectant mums.

When you’re doing the big shop for your maternity bags you could also pick up some organic baby products. Baby probably won’t appreciate the joys of a bubble bath right away but you could get one step ahead and check labels and hunt out organic body washes, shampoos and high SPF sunblock while you have more time (and hands) free. That way when baby does arrive you’ve done your homework and are nice and prepared.

If you’re looking for more ways to take care of you and your baby then try reading up on exercise during pregnancy.

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What are the best pregnancy beauty tips?

What are the best pregnancy beauty tips?

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