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Having visitors after baby arrives

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    Congratulations… you're a new mum! Whether it's your first or your fifth, it's a magical time, and all your family and friends will be desperate to meet your gorgeous new arrival. If you've got family nearby, don't be afraid to call on them to help when you feel ready. Getting Granny and Grandad over to babysit for a bit can be a chance for you to put your feet up with a cuppa for five minutes (the hard part might be asking them to go home!)

    When should your family visit your newborn?

    Mum and daughter talking over a cup of tea

    Whether you're still at the hospital or would rather wait until you and your little one are at home, it's your decision when you want people to visit. The last thing you want to feel is pressured or overwhelmed when all the second cousins turn up to say hello! You're going to be drained, so don't feel bad about putting you, your partner and your baby first. Besides, many hospitals will have newborn visiting rules to think about.

    When you're ready, you might want to think about staggering visits or arranging times when people can pop over. Families visiting after babies are born often ask what they should bring. If you need a pack of nappies, don't be backwards in coming forward and ask for one; otherwise, you might end up with 25 teddy bears and 30 nursery baby mobiles!

    If and when you're ready, don't be shy in asking for help from your family; we're sure they'll be only too pleased to babysit for a bit, run the hoover around or do whatever you need so you can have a break.

    You might need to ready yourself for some baby advice too. It's bound to be well-intentioned but remember, you and your partner are in charge and know what's right for your little one. At the end of the day, it's (usually!) lovely to have friends and family around who are willing to help out, and it's great for your baby to see some new faces.

    So, if you're wondering how soon grandparents should visit your new baby….well, it's up to you to decide when you're ready!

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