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Reducing loneliness for new mums

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    Sometimes when all the fuss has died down about your gorgeous little one's arrival, it can be easy to feel a bit lonely at home. You've probably got into your new routine and might not be getting a whole lot of sleep, plus your partner may have gone back to work. It's only natural to feel as if you're an overwhelmed new mum. We're sure you could do with some adult conversations rather than all that cooing and gurgling! If you feel things aren't quite right or you think you might be getting baby blues talk to your midwife, health visitor or public health nurse. It's good to talk and get reassured.

    You're not alone feeling alone either; in fact, most mums do. In a survey of 2,025 mothers by video parenting site, 54% said they felt more 'friendless' since giving birth, while 90% said they felt lonely at times. The Parenting Index report commissioned by Nestle across 16 different countries shows that of the 500 parents surveyed in the UK 40% of parents feel lonely in the first month after giving birth.

    If you are feeling alone as a mum, thankfully, there's plenty of things you can do to banish that newborn isolation.

    Here’s our top tips for tackling that new baby loneliness

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    Go for a walk

    Sounds obvious, right? But it's incredible what a stroll in the fresh air can do, plus it might tire out your little one (or keep them awake if you need them to go down later). Even better, why not call up your mum or family member and ask them along. You can have a natter while you stroll. A nice latte, a sit down on a park bench, it's a lovely cheap afternoon out!

    Find a playground

    We're not suggesting your baby is quite ready for the roundabout yet, but playgrounds are where lots of families with little ones hang out. There's bound to be lots of kids running around, and sensory diversions (again great for keeping baby awake or tiring them out), and you never know you might strike up a conversation over a flask of coffee and a bun with a fellow lonely mum (once we don't have to be socially distant of course). It's another great place for that stroll with Gran or Grandad or your baby's Aunt or Uncle, too and have some adult conversation for a change!

    Mother and baby groups

    If you feel ready to, check out local mum and baby groups. They run things like stroller meetups, events and get-togethers (when things get back to normal). Your health visitor or public health nurse will have information on groups in your area. Call on a family member to come along for a bit of moral support if you need to, but you know that you'll have at least one thing in common with the other mums there! It might even lead to meeting other lonely mums and a future play date or coffee in the park.

    Baby yoga

    Baby yoga is a super way of getting some exercise while spending some quality time with your little one. It will give you a real lift and can be a very soothing experience for your baby. Sometimes it's nice to have an excuse just to get out of the house, and you're sure to get chatting to other like-minded mums.

    Getting back to the gym

    If you want to get back into the fitness routine, you could see if your local gym has a creche then you can meet up with your bestie or family member for a workout. It's a brilliant stress reliever, and it's always good to have a chat and a smoothie afterwards. If you're on a budget and when you're ready, you could always go for a jog with the baby stroller around the park instead or join a baby and mum outdoor class.


    Once everything is back to normal, you could hit the local library. They're free, make for a nice change of scene and is cheap afternoon out. Libraries quite often run fun book reading sessions for toddlers and babies. Lots of other mums will be there too.

    Finally, if you just need to see a friendly face to banish that isolation with a baby feeling and if they're nearby, go and see your friends or family. Who wouldn't want a nice surprise and to see your gorgeous little one!

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