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Collage of a diverse group of parents with their babies

SMA® Baby Club Photo Prize Draw June 2024*

*Upload by 17th June 2024 to win. See details below.

*upload by 17th June to enter

Exciting news! We've got a smart new look coming soon.

And as a valued member of our SMA® Baby Club, we'd love you to be a part of it.

Simply send us a picture of your family, and you could feature in our new look emails, social posts or on our website.

What's more, upload your pics no later than 23.59 on 17th June 2024, and you could WIN a £200 John Lewis voucher*

Tips for the pics

We'd love for you to take a picture of your child, children or bump with one or more parental figure. Your picture may feature in a montage of our SMA® community in emails and social posts. Wave hello to the camera, look at each other, or catch a moment mid giggle … whatever you feel like. Here’s some tips to get the best pics.

  • Don't stand too far from the camera. Avoid using excessive digital zoom, as it can result in loss of image quality.

  • Resolution and Quality: Capture at the highest resolution and quality settings available on your device to ensure clarity and detail.

  • Orientation: if possible, please capture in both portrait and landscape orientation.

  • Keep images clean, avoid additional subjects and obstructions being featured in the background.

  • Refrain from capturing any identifiable brands or logos.

  • Wipe the Lens: Before shooting, make sure the camera lens is clean.

  • Focus and Exposure: Tap on the area of the screen or subject to focus.

  • Steady the Camera or Phone: Keep your device steady to avoid blurry frames. Use both hands or prop the phone against a stable surface to reduce camera shake.

  • Natural Lighting: Whenever possible, shoot in natural light and take images in the direction of sunlight. Avoid using the flash or against the direction of light, as it can produce harsh lighting and unflattering shadows. If you're indoors, take photos near a window to make use of soft, diffused light.

Please note, Photographs featuring pregnant women or infants appearing to be under the age of 6 months will not be included in communications where SMA® product is referenced. They may be included in relevant stage communications where SMA® services are referenced.

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