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Cup cakes with baby decorations

How to throw a brilliant budget baby shower

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    What better way to celebrate the imminent arrival of your little one than with a party for all your friends! Plus, throwing a baby shower is a great excuse to ask for baby-related presents and gifts. It doesn’t have to be a big or expensive affair; just get your besties over for some nibbles and a natter.

    Many mums prefer to throw their baby shower (it’s called that because you get ‘showered’ with love and gifts, by the way!) nearer their due date, so the gifts can be gender-related, but it’s up to you. Traditionally your friends should be organising it, so don’t forget to drop some hints here and there!

    Baby shower ideas

    Just planning the baby shower can be fun. Get your friends over so they can share their baby shower ideas.

    • Having your baby shower at home will be cheaper than hiring a pub or restaurant, but it might be more hassle and stress. Church halls and community centres could be a good budget option if having it at home isn’t suitable. But don’t forget your friends and family will only be too happy to help.

    • Set a budget; you don’t have to go mad, a few drinks for the guests and maybe some non-alcoholic mocktails and some light bites is fine. It’s more about getting together, having some fun and getting ready to welcome your little one.

    • What sort of baby shower games will you play? What about baby shower decorations? Balloons and banners can help the party go with a flow, and everyone loves a parent trivia game or how about a baby-related karaoke session? Baby bingo or guess the nursery rhyme might be fun, (although Twister might be a bit tricky!). Or you might just want a bit of adult time with friends and family before the arrival

    • Who’s coming? The girly gang or you and your partners’ family? Fewer people might mean less stress and expense, but potentially less fun too.

    • You might want to draw up an online baby shower presents wish list. That way, you shouldn’t end up with 20 teddy bears and 30 rattles! It’s also a great opportunity to get items for your hospital bag.

    • Invitations – keep it informal and budget-friendly by pinging your friends on Facebook or emailing them about your baby shower plans.

    • You could think of a baby shower theme, perhaps. Fun fancy dress, anyone?

    • Food and drink, it doesn’t have to be fancy, why not ask everyone to bring a dish and a few drinks. It’s all about the company and having some fun after all.

    • Who can help? Make sure you’re not doing all the work; friends and family will be only too pleased to help with your baby shower set up.

    Time to put your feet up

    Pregnant women opening baby shower gifts

    By the way, you’re entitled to ask your partner, friends and family to tidy up after the baby shower, you are pregnant and need your rest after all. In fact, it’s your job to put your feet up with a cuppa and open all those mum-to-be baby shower gifts!

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