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Child playing an interactive game with a toddler

Educational play for toddlers

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    It’s not always easy keeping your little ones happy and entertained at the best of times. The good news is that there are tons of free fun stuff you can do to keep your toddler learning and giggling at the same time. If you’re not recycling them, there’s even plenty of arts and crafts you can do with empty milk formula tins. Whatever games you’re playing, remember to keep everything clean and hygienic and wash yours and your toddlers’ hands after playtime.

    So, if you’re looking for some educational games for children and some baby activity ideas, check out our tips and help below. It’s not just about nursery games; we’re sure you’ll have some fun while bonding with your toddler at the same time.

    Even better, get family members or your toddlers’ friends over for a play too. It’s a great chance for granny and grandad and aunts and uncles to have some fun time with your little one. Maybe you could put your feet up and have a break while they play?

    Learning games for toddlers

    Mum playing an interactive game with a toddler

    Here’s our learning games for kids and toddlers round up:

    • Admit it… you’ve always wanted to do Strictly, so now’s your chance! Whack on yours or your toddler’s fav tunes and have a boogie around the living room. It’s great for their balance, coordination and strength, and you could even teach them some fun moves to copy with plenty of praise when they get it right. You’re bound to collapse in a fit of exhausted giggles when the music stops.

    • If you’re looking for more educational and interactive games for children, you and your toddler could create a photobook together. Grab some card or paper, crayons, stickers and some of those family photos from the drawer and build your book together. It’s a great chance to have a chat with your little one about who’s in the picture, what they’re doing and about family and relationships. Your toddler will love being in charge and deciding what photo goes where. It’s great fun and a free way to while away an afternoon.

    • There’s always time for a classic, but this is Hide and Seek with an educational twist. Your toddler might not quite be ready for hiding or seeking just yet but stashing away a few of their favourite toys under the bed, wrapped up in a duvet or under a cushion and asking them to find them is just as much fun. To help with their speech, you could ask them to name each toy as they find it. For really little ones, you can put the toy on the sofa to encourage them to stand up and get it.

    • A brilliant sensory game for toddlers is to ask them to look for things that have the same characteristic, such as red objects or things that are the same shape or size. Or you could collect them yourself and put them in a basket or toy box and encourage your little one to say what they are.

    • Here’s a great interactive game for children – mind the shark! It’s easy and very cheap to play. Just grab some green card or newspaper and pretend it’s the land. Your toddler has to jump from sheet to sheet and avoid all the ‘sharks’ waiting to gobble them up. It’s an enjoyable way to tire them out.

    • And finally, if you’re feeling a bit artsy and crafty yourself, you could decorate old tins together with your toddler. Why not get your child into gardening with this mini DIY garden.

    Go wild, have fun and save money too! The only thing stopping you when it comes to interactive games for children is yours and your toddler’s imagination!

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